Feed Your Image



Creating exceptional visual content from an event is the best way to promote future events going forward. We can film and photograph any event using the latest High- quality equipment to ensure professional output for your business to use going forward.


Brands, Businesses and Events all require bespoke packages to engage people with there product. We can create this engaging content across all social media platforms to ensure users get the message instantly. As social media is ever changing, we have developed methods and ideas to keep engagement at its highest. Management of social media accounts and the skills required to make them stand out from your competitors are available in several packages.

Content Creation

FYI can film and photograph your business to create promotional material to showcase. Research shows that, Users retain 95% of the message when they watch it in a video and 33% of all online activity is spent watching video globally. We have an experienced team that will film and edit spectacular footage to meet your needs.


FYI find you the right influencers to achieve your goals. The influencer market is competitive and finding the correct one can be challenging. By understanding your needs, we can connect you with the right people, therefore eliminating the risk of wasting money. Our goal is to make the perfect match between influencer and client to achieve long standing relationships.