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Todd Terry

Grammy nominated DJ/Producer has been engaged to music ever since he started to listen to dance music tracks. Todd was born in Brooklyn so tried to start a career in the US but this didn’t come easy. Terry then travelled to the UK however and his career took off. He said that the sounds in each country as different so he catered his music to the uk.

In the mid 90’s, ‘A Day in the life’, a collection of Todd Terrys tracks had been released by label Ministry of Sound as it had sparked many listeners attentions. Due to the label picking him up, Terry was able to work with his favourite singers and performers. His First release, ‘Keep on Jumping’, feature the work singers super-divas Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown. This is the first time they had collaborated. As a result of this track being top ten in the charts and a worldwide hit, Todd followed with top 5 track ‘Something Going On’.

Following on, in 1995 a remix of the track ‘Everything But The Girl’s Missing’, became a worldwide smash. Many of his other tracks followed placing high in the charts.

Then in 2005, INK/Distinctive Records released the Todd Terry Trilogy: Past, Present & Future on 3 x CD & 10 x 12” vinyl has inspired Todd fans both old and new with over 30 Todd classics and 10 new Todd songs.

However in 2007, Todd Terry All Stars feat. Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter, & Tara McDonald’s ‘Get Down’ will be released in 2007 on Strictly Rhythm. 

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