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Potter Payper

Potter Payper is a British rapper who implemented himself into the UK music scene around  2012/13. His you tube freestyles were an instant hit and his raw style instantly bonded with fans. Potter’s ability to draw in the listener by talking about his gritty experiences gained him  notoriety with the release of his critically-acclaimed mixtape Training Day. Some of his most popular tracks include “Behind Barz,” “Hustlin,” and “Real Life.”

Unfortunately Potter Payper spent many years in and out of prison which left his fans gasping for his new music. Potter himself decided upon his latest release that he was going to give music his greatest effort yet in order to break the cycle and give his loyal fans what they have been missing. In June 2020 Potter was released from prison and by September he had released Training Day 3 which peaked at No 3 in the official charts. 3 album singles and his freestyle 2020 vision made it in to the singles chart top 100 and it would be fair to say he delivered and made his mark.

FYI will be catching up with Potter Payper soon to hear about all future projects and how he feels soon…

Latest Video from The Training Day Album