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Nathan Dawe

Born in Burton upon Trent, Nathan Dawe is a DJ and producer best known for his 2020 single ‘Lighter’ with KSI which reached number 3 on the UK Singles Chart. His love for music was always evident as he launched started DJing at jus 9 years old. He went on to remix popular rndcloud and gained a loyal following with his mix of genres.  He sold out his own concert at the O2 ands was the first DJ without a radio show or a hiut single who achieved this. This then progressed to playing massive venues and festivals around the UK.

He has since had a big studio focus where he released his debut single ‘Cheatin’ in 2018 following by ‘Repeat after me’ in 2019 and many more, then the massive hit ‘Lighter’ in 2020 enabled him to sign on with Warner/Chappell Music.


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