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Fast-rising singer-songwriter Lissa pursues a multitude of different musical tastes, such as downtempo, beautifully fragile singles like “Zimt” or haunting atmospheric songs like “Not”. Hook-ups with Filous (“Feel Good Inc.”) and The Him (“I Wonder”) have shown her diverse nature and appeal.

Asked to put a label on her music, LissA says “I tell people ‘electro pop’… but if I say ‘pop’ it gives me the creeps because I don’t want to be typical ‘pop’… and I also can’t say I do ‘electro’ because people think of techno. It’s hard!” Her musical diversity keeps her on her toes and is something she’s keen to continue. “It doesn’t get boring that way. You won’t listen to three songs of mine and say “they’re all the same”. My voice and my writing is the key thing, just surrounded by different types of music.”

With over 45 million Spotify streams alone, her voice continues to reach an ever-wider audience.