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James Hype

James Hype has taken no time to propel himself to the highest ranks of the House and Tech House ecosystem. The DJ turned DJ/Producer hailing from the Wirral is an incredibly technically gifted individual, leaving ravers in somewhat of a trance with his eclectic mixing abilities. He started off surprisingly not mixing House, but Hip Hop, R&B and locally in Liverpool became well known, but found his stride when creating popular Bootleg Remixes of the latest tracks, which spread his alias across the country faster than he could ever imagine.

Hype decided to take the risk and leave his hometown in which he moved to London, where he lived in a Hote, and then eventually a music studio. This dedication would be recognised as his big break came where his Bootleg Remix of Bruno Mars’ “Finesse”, gained interest of the artists label in which it was then signed as the official house remix.

The Producer then took it to the charts with his break out single “More Than Friends” which now has over 100, 000, 000 streams on Spotify at the time of writing.

Check out his latest single in which he released on 18th September with “Lonely” singer HARLEE – “Afraid” below:

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