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Alfie Cridland & Paul Kay

Signed by UK record label Perfect Havoc, Alfie Cridland & Paul Kay can usually be found filling dance floors in party hotspots such as Zante and Malia.

In 2019 the duo’s debut release ‘Hold Me Tight’, was featured on Love Island and rinsed on radio stations across Europe such as Kiss, Cool FM, RTE, Radio 105, ElectricRadioUK, Juice FM, M-1, & Q Music. Alfie Cridland & Paul Kay were then signed by Sony Music’s B1 Recordings, where they realised the track ‘DiscoTek’.

There track ‘Last Day In Paradise’ marks yet another huge release for Perfect Havoc, also a management and events company. The label has hit over 300 million streams on Spotify, Apple and YouTube, holds platinum sale awards and two UK Top 10s.