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Promoters are taking Legal Action Against ‘Dancing Ban’

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A group of 11 clubs, organisers, and promoters are submitting an appeal against Berlin’s recently implemented “dancing ban”, which came into effect on December 8.

According to Berlin’s RBB24 news outlet, the institutions include OST, KitKat Club, Matrix, Soda Club, Der Weiße Hase, Insomnia, and amongst those, legendary DJ Paul Van Dyk will also be taking action as well as promoters of queer night Revolver Party.

Berlin’s dancing ban was ruled by the city’s senate earlier this month amidst rising cases prohibiting dancing inside all venues with a capacity limit on large events.

All 11 of those involved in taking legal action against the new restrictions are doing so with support from lawyer Niko Härting, who submitted the appeal last Thursday, December 16.

It appears the group are seeking for the ban to be lifted by New Year’s Eve, one of the busiest nights in Berlin nightlife.

“The ‘dance ban’ hits clubs and organisers particularly hard on New Year’s Eve. Organisers have invested heavily in the preparation of New Years Eve parties and sold thousands of tickets,” the statement reads.

Härting also argued that by driving people out of the more “hygienic clubs” which have taken their time to supply air ventilation and sanitising stations, Berlin’s residents will opt for “private” parties on New Year’s Eve without “protection or authorities”.

Berlin’s Clubcommission also came forward to speak on the new restrictions earlier this month. Lutz Leichsenring, a spokesperson from the Clubcommission, told Mixmag that “apart from the economic damage, this is also a psychological strain on many people, operators and employees alike.”