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NTIA against UK Government as their destroying nightlife

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The Night Time Industries Associations is currently butting heads with the UK government as they place even more harsh restrictions. In the news release of the lockdown lifting, the government has established a new tier system to keep everyone safer and to prevent another spike in cases. However, these restrictions are a lot tougher, especially on clubs and bars (the main hub for nights outs). The clubs and bars are all having to have guests seated and closed many hours before usual. This is resulting in them losing profit that could keep them afloat.

The Night Time Industries Associations believe the government has intentionally done this to ruin and close down businesses. The sector argues that it will be hit harder than any other due to the restrictions. The NTIA have said, “This will be another stab in the heart of our town and city centres”.

However, Pub and Bars have been allowed to extend their curfew in tiers 1 and 2 to 11 o’clock. This has risen only an hour as the last curfew was 10 o’clock. But new rules make it tougher to have a good time as pubs and bars can only substantial meal.

NTIA : “We stand to lose the cultural institutions and amazing workforce of professionals that the UK are renowned for globally. Our clubs, bars, venues, security, freelancers, staff, managers, DJs, and many more will lose their livelihoods and continue to suffer financial hardship without Government intervention.

“I make a direct appeal to the Prime Minister – ‘Mr Johnson, what are you doing to save the lives and livelihoods of the many businesses and workers within the night-time economy, businesses that have been closed since March and are continuing to suffer? They have staff and freelancers that will lose their jobs irrespective of furlough because the businesses won’t survive.’

Even though some clubs like fabric in London received a million from the governments help fund. Many were left behind as they were denied this.

Meanwhile, the Music Venue Trust has launched a new campaign to save many struggling pubs and clubs.