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KSI and Anne – Marie set to work on new music together?

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In the past, Youtube, Rapper and boxer KSI has worked with many different artists. This ranges from other youtube creators to artists like Craig David. He recently however released a new track called ‘Don’t Play’ ft Digital Farm Animals and Anne Marie. These guys are more  top track artists that you may have heard before on your radios. This is a big deal to release music with artists on this scale. The song was set to a massive success after KSI released teasers on his socials.

The song ‘Don’t Play’ hit number 2 in the uk charts which of course means they need to bring out a follow up hit song. Both of the artists spoke to ‘ The Sun’s Bizarre column’.

Anne – Marie commented about the new song and its placement but also about Mr top ten himself. She said:

“Number two is basically a number one for us! It feels amazing to be starting 2021 with a banger and the music video is popping off and it’s streaming loads so it’s great.

“I am very open and honest and I try to be as down to earth as I can be all the time but meeting JJ opened my eyes even more.

“He is so real, it was very inspiring. He taught me to be myself and not to change myself for anyone. And his laugh is as crazy as mine. I was so happy about that.”

Following on from this interview about the track, KSI spoke also. He commented :

“Legit, she can kick. She can get her leg quite high up and give a few people a few roundhouse kicks left, right and centre. She could kick people through walls.

“She has power. I had my hands out to take her punches and I was like, ‘Damn! I see you, Anne-Marie.'”

KSI is of course talking about the music video including the artists learning to box. This is a very fitting idea especially as KSI is a boxer!.

Check out KSI’s bio on the our main artists page! This is where you can find all his links and info. Check out the song ‘Don’t Play’ bellow: