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Kanye Confirms ‘Donda 2’ Album

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Kanye West has announced the release of ‘Donda 2’ as a follow-up to his 2021 release ‘Donda’. It is said to be executive produced by Future and rumours have been heard regarding names such as Marilyn Manson being involved with tracks. Not necessarily features, but rather productions which Kanye will then work his magic on.

Fans are speculating that his new album might be aimed at his ex-wifes new boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

“Pete Davidson is gonna have to leave the country after this one,” one person joked on Twitter. “If Kanye does rly drop Donda 2 and it’s good….We all owe Kim and Pete a huge thank you,” said another.

‘Donda 2’ comes out on 2/2/22, just a week after the release of his Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs