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Flaming Lips performs a special ‘Space Bubble’ concert in Oklahoma

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The Flaming Lips recently performed some extraordinary gigs in Oklahoma recently providing everyone with their own personal bubble. This is definitely something you don’t normally have at a gig. The front man Wayne Coyne Brough the concept forward as he often rolls over the crowd in a zorb ball.

In order to play shows that had been postponed due to a coronavirus spike in Oklahoma before Christmas, they brought idea to attention. The gig provided around 100 bubbles that would fit a maximum of three listeners. Ofcourse each band member had their own bubble. The whole audience was installed in their bubble within 20 minutes of their arrival.

Inside each bubble was a high frequency supplemental speaker – which helped prevent the sound being muffled – as well as a water bottle, a battery-operated fan, a towel and a “I gotta go pee/hot in here” sign.

If it got too hot, the bubble was refilled with cool air using a leaf blower, and fans who needed the bathroom were escorted by venue staff once they had put on a mask and stepped outside their cocoon. The bubbles, hold enough oxygen for three people to breathe for “over an hour and 10 minutes” before they need to be refreshed, although a towel is needed to wipe down the condensation.

Wayne Coyne commented ‘That they were safer at the gig than going into a grocery store’.

This could be the new way to listen to live music during the pandemic. Eventhough it is weird and restrictive for these types of events, it means the music industry can make a comeback in 2021!. Hopefully bring a bit of normality back to out daily lives. Below is a video showing what the gig looked like: