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Women’s Autumn Styles

When choosing what we want to wear on a colder morning in autumn, we all seem to reach for the same clothing items. As our choices haven’t changed a great deal, our favourite stores sell similar items. Luxury brands however add a little extra touch to everyday autumn essentials. This could be using a more premium fabric or adding fur or patterns. So what will your money be better spent on?. 

If we look at posts on instagram and other social media, people are loathing over items such as vintage mom jeans and sweater vests. This is a new style for autumn 2020 and is growing popular by the day. These items are available in almost any store, ranging from primark to higher end high streets stores like Topshop. Many more items such as Cropped cardigans and thicker jumpers have also been a crowd favourite. Selling out in stores and from fast fashion sites like boohoo or missguided.

Jumper dresses have also stolen our hearts as we pair them with some woolly tights and high top trainers. Common footwear that we are picking up during autumn are converse and chelsea boots. These shoes are sold everywhere during this time but sell fast. Most common converse that is paired with dresses and skirts this autumn is black converse. Chelsea boots also are flying off the shelves in black and brown.