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The fight for Festivals in 2021!

In recent talks between MPs and director of festival organisers Wild Rumpus, Rowan Cannon, festivals may seem on the table in 2021. The discussions have included not pushing for an event as big as Glastonbury but scaled-down festivals. As long as the right restrictions and rules are in place, it should be safe to carry these events out. Rowan Cannon told the House of Commons Culture Select Committee:

‘The idea that the festivals can’t go ahead and be socially-distanced is inaccurate”.

Cannon made a deal of reminding MPs of the diversity of festivals. The fact it brings together everything from 80,000 20-year-olds in a field to boutique and location-specific events. She carried on to note that two festivals she organises, Just So in Cheshire and Timber in South Derbyshire, could easily protect the audiences with the help of the right measures.

Cannon followed on to explain that “They’re both a capacity of around 5,000. They both have vast sites of about 100 acres” and “We can absolutely adapt our programming, put the infrastructure in place,  change the way that we do things, to enable something to happen with social distancing in place.”

However, it raises quires when it comes to festival insurance. If festivals cannot go ahead this year, it may cause major financial problems for the organises. This can affect the location they always hire or how many acts they can ask to perform. The bigger acts that you see on the main stages at festivals could be dropped from shows as they will not have the funds to pay them.

Without this money also it can cause a loss in equipment that they may need and crew members.

A light at the end of the tunnel, however, as MPs say, there might be a scheme to compensate live event If they are forced to cancel. Similar to what Germany has done with there £2.3bn funds released recently.
Will festivals take place this year?.