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Openaire Float-In Cinema

This unique cinema experience brings a whole new meaning to drifting off into the film itself. Unfortunately, in 2020, we lost out on this experience, but the company say they are currently setting sail to look for a new site to entertain us all.

We, however, have found some information about the event that took place last year. Hopefully what we have found will interest you and give you an insight for it you want to go.

A short description of the event given to us by openaire cinema: Häagen-Dazs presents the Openaire Float-in Cinema! Mooring on the Regent’s Canal is a fleet of 16 eco-boats, creating a never-before-seen cinematic experience! Upon arrival, you’ll captain your own self-drive vessel around Little Venice before mooring at Merchant Square to watch one of an amazing selection of films. If you haven’t found your sea legs yet fear not, there will also be dozens of socially-spaced deckchairs along the towpath. Popcorn and snacks available to order via a dedicated app can be delivered straight to your boat or deckchair, and award-winning artisan pasta chef RaviOllie will be setting up a pop-up kitchen on the water’s edge to provide delicious freshly cooked Italian food. Don’t miss this amazing aquatic adventure to the Openaire Float-in Cinema!

Last year the openaire cinema took place in Merchant Square, Paddington in London. The showing times were very flexible so that anyone could visit. There were various dates, afternoon screenings at 4:45 pm and evening screenings at 7:45 pm. Following this, there was food and drink available at any time of your visit. The event lasted over a few weeks, which made it really flexible for everyone.

You could hire a deck chair on land and the screening you wanted, or you could hire a boat that would fit up to six people. The boats would work out to cost £33.33 per person.  If you were to order the boat, you would have to turn up an hour before to collect it and get comfy.

The link is down below if you would like to visit the site and sign up for notifications to find out more about the event this year!.