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Neon Lights

Neon lights are very popular when it comes to room decor. They are a way of bringing bright colours to light up any room. These lights are most popular in bars and pubs but also bedrooms and lounges. Neon lights are a great way to experiment with changing up your bedrooms style as they can come in all shapes and sizes. Most are quotes that are popular or they are in shapes like hearts, dinosaurs and many more.These lights can be created in any shape you desire and there are many companies in the uk that create these amazing lights.

These lights can be purchased mostly online as the companies make them to order. Specialised orders take a couple weeks and of course are on the pricier side as they are not normal or pre-made designs. One of the most premium and popular neon companies is called Neon beach and their signs retail for up to £150 depending on the size of the light feature.

However, you can purchase these cool signs in high street stores. They are a lot smaller than the ones online as they are designed to sit on a desk or shelf. In a well known store called MenKind, you can purchase these signs for up to £20. This makes them more accessible for anyone as they are sold at a cheaper price.