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Mask Fashion

Working within busy cities can be a challenge especially within the environment that we live in. The rules we have to abide by now have some control over our day to day outfits. What we wear makes us feel confident and experimenting with clothing. But why should restrictions affect what we wear?. In the Uk, we are now needing to wear a mask every time we venture out. Whether that’s to a supermarket or on a night out with your friends.


Masks have become a staple in fashions with high street stores and premium brands pushing their own branded products to us. These masks can be styled with any outfit as some are plain with just the brand name (like the chanel one above) or they can be printed with crazy styles and colours.


As we loath over premium brands and their products, they know to target us with their face masks. Current prices for masks from £50. However, when looking through fashion images in America some prime brands are selling their masks for over $80. This is due to the ‘special’ materials that they use. Off-white masks that have their crossed arrow symbol retailed at $95. But the first brand from the higher end that made a staple in fashion with their masks is Burberry as they were the first luxury company to launch a face covering. Retailed at $120, this mask would definitely make your outfit more luxurious.