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Little Big unveil their Kinder Surprise

Leading NTF marketplace Opensea is set to release a digital art collection signed by Russian band Little Big.

Released on 3rd December, the collection titled ‘100 Eggs’ contains a series of meme-related items which will be unveiled to its owner one week after the launch. The concept was inspired by the Kinder Surprise collectables.

Apparently all items will feature Ilia Prusikin and Sonya Tayurskaya characters. Ilia and Sonya are Little Big’s lead singers but these characters will have alter-egos showing off how cryptocurrency has changed their lives.

So why the egg? The crypto millionaire Ilia is convinced that cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a random combination of numbers. The eggs on the other hand are a real treasure. When the egg hatches, the time stands still while the world contemplates the creation of a priceless artifact. That’s why Ilia has hidden his NFT success story inside the eggs.

The project has been created in collaboration with Denis Davydov – a media artist, Instigators creative collective, and Peppermint agency founder – both specializing in NFT production.