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Jake Paul to make MMA Debut

Jake Paul is set to make his MMA debut and says he will fight at Middleweight rather than cutting down to Welterweight.

The YouTuber turned fighter claims that cutting weight not only destroys an athlete physically but it harms the mental health of the fighter.

In a recent Tweet, he called out Dana White and said, “When I make my MMA debut, I could cut 20 pounds & do it at Welterweight / 170 pounds. That’s what all UFC fighters do and many have destroyed their bodies & minds doing it. But I’m gonna do it at Middleweight (185). Health first.” The post included an image of Conor McGregor in what appears to be two stages of weight categories. For context, Paul added, “PS Conor walking around at 190.”

Earlier this month, Paul voiced that he is willing to retire from boxing and make the move over to the UFC if Dana White agrees on various demands to improve the conditions of fighters. Some of his demands included increasing the minimum payout for all fighters, guaranteeing that UFC fighters will be earning 50% of UFC annual revenues as well as long-term healthcare. Recently, Paul tweeted on the low pay of fighters and said that his taking action about this soon, “My next step for helping with this situation will be announced tomorrow. PAY FIGHTERS MORE.” The tweet was accompanied by a retweet of the athlete payoff sheet for the UFC 270 event which dictated that UFC fighter pay is a major issue.