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Rolex Explorer II 216570 “Attack Helicopter”

A very special Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 has just landed on Watchfinder. Its a limited edition special order version of the Explorer made for the British military’s Attack Helicopter Regiment. The same one Prince Harry wore whilst he served in 2010 while serving in the British Army. The Prince eventually went on to command his own Apache attack helicopter.

Take a Look at This Rare Rolex Explorer II 216570 "Attack Helicopter" Prince Harry Apache watches accessories

With only 48 ever made, and the military’s association, this piece’s rarity makes it highly sought after. The special case back engraving, make it a unique collectable timepiece.  Listed on Watchfinder is number 4 of 48. Since 2010 only 3 others have ever been known to have surfaced for auction.

The updated 42mm Explorer II sports its signature orange GMT hand and outer 24-hour bezel and maintains its 100 meters of water resistance. Priced at $288,510 HKD (approximately $37,212 USD) the watch can be found at Watchfinder Hong Kong.