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Palace x Reebok

Palace  has teamed with Reebok once again for a fresh footwear collaboration: the Classic Leather Pump. Combining the seminal Classic Leather with a Pump fit system for the first time, the Classic Leather Pump is a cheeky-yet-sensible style that’s set to be accompanied by special co-branded sweat suits.

Arriving in both white/navy and black/white colourways, each pair serves up a smooth, single-color leather upper with contrasting Vector stripes. The trainers have a larger button with a Palace logo and a smaller button with a Union Jack. Co-branded details grace each tongue tag.

Accompanying the duo of sneakers are three crewnecks, three sweatpants and three t-shirts — the inaugural apparel collaboration from Palace and Reebok. Available in white, black or light grey, each top features a special Palace x Reebok graphic that’s embroidered on the crewneck or printed on the T-shirt. Both also add a Union Jack on the left sleeve, and the crewneck offers red and blue piping below the shoulders to correspond with the sweatpants. The pants themselves complete the set with a small logo on the left leg and piping running from waist to ankle.