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Nike Reveals Its First Hands-Free Sneaker, the GO FlyEase

Nike has officially unveiled its all-new GO FlyEase sneaker. Described by the brand as its first hands-free sneaker. The sneaker is designed for ease of access, meaning it can be kicked off or put on without any hassle.

The sneaker is built around a bi-stable hinge, allowing it to be secure in both fully open and fully closed states. Other features that aid its performance include a Kickstand Heel, designed to mimic how people kick off their shoes without compromising the heel design and a “Diving Board” that creates a continuous footbed for comfort and stability. Lastly, Nike has added a tensioner band to hold the shoe in its open or closed positions.



The Nike GO FlyEase is due to release via invite for select Nike members. Available on February 15, before a wider release takes place later this year.