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Louis Vuitton X NBA

Louis Vuitton has just released their new collection with the NBA. A new kind of team has worked alongside a incredible designer, virgilabloh, who has previously worked with other bigs brands such as Nike. The massive sports team and luxury brand has taken the world by storm by collaborating and releasing a collection that could suit a sports fan and lovers of bags.

This collection is to mark the end of the NBA National Championship.The capsule collections represents the great three year partnership between the brand and sports corporation.Interest in the LV x NBA collaboration spiked after images of one of the shoes, a light brown suede boot, leaked online late last month. Now WWD can exclusively reveal the key looks from the limited-edition collection, which goes on sale Nov. 20, including shoes, bags, ready-to-wear and jewellery featuring the NBA logo.

The designer, virgilabloh, commented ‘“Fashion muses aren’t predictable. Ideas of luxury can be found in the sports world and its champions as much as in traditional forms of artistry. This collection celebrates the cultural contribution of basketball and its diverse characters, and the idea of reliability as a force of unity today,”

The collection was made based on the typical players wardrobe. Their three sections are travel which include casual items like a tracksuit, then for press conferences team leather jackets and lastly more suited clothing.

The collection also includes various shoes and bags that incorporate the NBA emblem.