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Dickies-life: The Tartan Reworked Collection

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Dickies-life, A large up-coming clothing company making its way into fashion with new collections almost every season. Their fashion is suitable for any gender, making everyone included in their journey into fashion. The brand ships world wide to an astounding 30 countries.  With premium fashion, their brand is growing everyday.

However, Now you know a bit about the brands lets talk about their new collection. The tartan reworked Collection is great for everyone. Following on from previous autumn seasons, Tartan is a beloved staple in fashion. This collection is planned to take a spot within our wardrobes.

But lets dive into the collection a bit deeper. The collection includes reworked zip-up jacket, shirt and work style pants, the collection is doused in a vibrant colour palette inspired by the decor of the legendary Hacienda club in Manchester. They also include hats, skirts and dresses for an alternative to the work trousers.

The Collection was dropped on the 15th October!.